torsdag 11 augusti 2011

No.16 x 2011 / Hauenstein Special No.6

More Kurt! Thanks to my good old friend Anton up in Umeå, I recently got a hold of the wierd and rare Hauenstein boogie disco cut It's All Nike (which I've mentioned here earlier). Bought cheap from a deadstock of records up in my hometown, the copy is in surprisingly good condition. Not much is known about this 1984 single, especially nothing about the puzzling fact that the obvious theme of this one-off project is to either cash in on or help promote the sports company Nike and its (at the time) trendy sneakers. It's possible that in Germany at this time the Nike brand was not the household name it is today and therefore provided an exotic namedropping opportunity for the task of emulating the musical esthetics of American disco boogie and the hip streetculture associated with it.
Bubblegum-baselines jump right out of the amps while Kurt rocks the synthesizers in a proto-skwee style and it's all good, it's all Nike.