onsdag 17 augusti 2011

No.17 x 2011

London-based store LN-CC have a knack for picking out amazing stuff in the way of clothing, literature and music. This summer they've put together a pop-up store version of legendary Stockholm-based DJ & producer Mark Sevens crate digging temple Juswax, offering a limited selection from his archives. Among the treats are some of his trademark spins featured on his Originals-compilation for Claremont 56 and his Salute To The Men of Vauxhall mix series previously put out in an extravagant bubblewrap package by LN-CC. You can also pick up a copy of his long out of print Divine Edits-release from 2007.
The Academy especially salutes the decision to keep the information limited on some records with the accouragement to visit the actual store to know more. In these information-crazed days, the joy of actual digging is a scarce commodity.

Visit the Juswax Pop-Up Store here

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