fredag 1 maj 2009


I have the good fortune of knowing some of the best and most promising musicians here in Malmö, which for instance got me into a spontanous tribal jam today with Psychic Malmös new darlings This Is Head and Skilla-guitarist Lisa Godin (I played some very hungover piano).
It is also the reason why I'm being spoiled with material from the musical duo Vidderna, who have previously graced us with their version of Bryan Ferrys Slave To Love.
You can check out their other re-edits/versions of artist like Madeleine Chartrand and Baris Manco here.
Now they have taken the hat off to reveal the sound of their true mortal voices, in this hypnotic hymn that celebrates the comfort and trancendental wisdom of death.
With a respectful nod to the Dia De Los Muertos and a touch of studio concieved voodoo, they ressurect the remains of the Swedish prog classic Keops Pyramid by Hoola Bandoola Band from 1972 as a piece of the puzzle that is Dubbelliv.

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the saucer people sa...

Thanks so much for highlighting the work of your fellow cosmic countrydudes Vidderna, listening to this track and their re-edits on the Myhell page, I think the clock is ticking to the time when they 'blow up massive' as the kids say and a million and one trendy nu-rave turned "its all about disco darling" music blogs start praising them to the dead sky.
I love how they have sprinkled slomochugger fairy dust all over this prog epic, if only these guys were there in the studio back in '72, I don't think we would have ever thought prog was a four letter word.
The other re-edits are equally inspirational and original (an ultra-rare commodity when everyone is now a DJ turned(re)editor. I have just been listening to the Vidderna edit of the Richard Wahnfried AKA Klaus Schulze track 'Agamemory' from one of my favourite Schulze albums, the 1979 'Time Actor' back to back with the original track and gods, do their editing mastery show...I love how they have simply followed the 'take an obscure mid seventies disco track' approach and gone for a more eclectic (ooh I feel like a real journalist using that word) lets delve into our record collection and see what works. I also really like the edit of Grisen Skriker's '1000 punks', never heard the original or the band before but who cares, that edit works so well! This is discerning dancefloor gold and Vidderna the new cosmic alchemists on the re-edit block.

the saucer people sa...

where it says:

"I love how they have simply followed the 'take an obscure mid seventies disco track' approach..."

that should of course read:

"I love how they have NOT simply followed the 'take an obscure mid seventies disco track' approach..."

glad I have cleared that up and narrowly missed a diplomatic fallout between England and Sweden... ;)