onsdag 29 april 2009


I have put together this informational mix for a clubnight the Academy is hosting on random tuesdays at a newly opened place in the bohemian centre of Malmö called Balthazar, whose owners are sporting the amazingly ambitious idea of offering dj:s every night from tuesday to sunday. I believe they are old school techno fanatics of the Swedish rave-generation, which certainly shows on the more prestigious weekend schedule of clubs.
But hey, to get the full experience of dance musics canon, the legacy of the club scene, you need to go full circle from the highs to the lows. Hence the birth of Balearica, the hippie love child of a never ending british vacation.
So this is my, Sergio Rizzolos, take on the balearic sound anno 2009. A geographic survey of the new addition to the island group that is Malmö.

Tri Atma & Klaus Netzle - Micro Cosmos
Eloy - Horizons
Enigma - Sadeness (Schmamix 2.0)
Coyote - Going Out (Max Essa Remix)
Lunar Jam - Ewoks Endor Forrest Jam
Smith & Mudd - Schulme (Lexx Remix)
Rubber Room - Cockroach
Free Disco - Odd Summer
CFCF - Invitation To Love
Helen - Zanzibar (Instrumental)


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