tisdag 24 februari 2009


The Swedish band Vidderna is one of the few new musical outfits who have allowed themselves a wider perspective of the frames in which music is being categorized and produced. 
The concept of the popband sticking to its genre and at the most allowing themselves to be remixed by an outside party seems dated in these days, as the artists step into new characters and roles, often as an interpreter of a vision found locked whitin the song arrangements of the vast popcultural well of the past. 
Behind the name Vidderna is the duo of Clemmedson & Tjäder (not to be confused with the similar duo of Adolphsson & Falk), who have kindly graced our plot of land here on the web with an exclusive peek into their minds as they listen to this classic soft rocking anthem by the most well-dressed man in the business. 

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chris keys sa...

very nice! thankyou! blog looks good, I'll be checking in... I didnt know you worked in a record store - hmmm - ill have to spend some money there :)