måndag 11 maj 2009


My friend Johan Palme, who is an actual academic student of musicology and also runs the very informative blog Birdseed's Tunedown, turned me on to the Algerian disco scene of the late 1980's called Raï, a polished electronic mix of traditional Arabic rythms with Spanish and French song arrangements. There are some truly breathtaking stuff to be digged out of there, but nothing seems to compare to this bass-heavy chugger by Houari Benchenet, lined with chilling synthesizer riffs and a tale of a broken heart.

(From the 1988 compilation Rai Rebels on Eathworks)

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Birdseed sa...

"Raï rebels" is such a classy compo. One of the first ones to look at a scene properly instead of remoulding it into some other shit.