torsdag 28 april 2011

No.12 x 2011

Cazbee and Richard Sen (of Padded Cell) are both old school UK grafitti writers who by some chain of events have wound up as modern day disco pioneers. Their label Mixed Blood Cuts, mainly sporting their own re-edits, has been flawlessly staking out the sound of a total meltdown between hiphop, rock and disco into pulsating bass-heavy dance music.
Their latest release on Autodiscoteque is no exception, starting off with a classic electro-funk nugget gone crazy.
When not teaching his son Persia wild style-ing on trains, Cazbee has generously loaded up his Soundcloud with edits left on the shelf. Not surprisingly, they're all ace. This one is however, in my opinion, a real killer! Any ideas on what the original could be?


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Niall Kirk sa...

Nice! Cheers for sharing Sergio!