torsdag 19 maj 2011

No.13 x 2011

A Russian record from 1988? Yes, this is avant-garde electronic composer Michail Chekalins first album release, but the material is actually recorded between 1984 and 85.
Chekalin, who studied classical composition and was a trained pianist from a young age, has been called “one of the most radical and innovative synthesists around, not only in Russia but globally” (Audion, 1993, Great Britain). And due to his fascination with a very broad set of tastes, from free-form jazz to psychedelic rock to electronics, he was allegedly an outcast in the russian academic music scene.
This song is in translation called Symphobreak, and is one of the albums highlights due to its slightly funky groove. Most of the album is quite trippy and experimental.


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Anonym sa...

Really great. I didn't know about him before. Thank you.

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