onsdag 1 september 2010

No.33 x 2010

This is one of my own spins, although I'm sure someone must have picked up on this before me. I would have gone with the Outta Town Mix that was released on the Ayla Mixes 12", but could only find the single version, which is pretty close anyway.
The brooding and spacey intro is quite reminiscent of what Studio pulled off with the Williams version of Tangerine Dreams Love On A Real Train.
I couldn't help myself to put some reverb on that enormous drumbeat while I was at it.

FLASH AND THE PAN - AYLA (at 33 rpm)

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the saucer people sa...

One of their lesser known tracks but my gods does it do the cosmic business...some tracks sound god-awful when they are slowed down but this one is tailor-made for some serious "chug & float" action.

I have a rip of the extended version but only in 192 I am afraid, but of course you or anyone else is welcome to a copy....