måndag 30 augusti 2010

No.32 x 2010

Baldellis classic wrongspeeder. You can see him play it during his lecture at the Red Bull Music Academy a couple of years ago, along with other wrongspeeders like Alien Sex Fiend and Culture Club (Underwater starts at about 0:55 into the clip).
So this jittery 120-something bpm showtune disco camper turns from simply nuisance to an epic chugger where all the subtle instrumentations that are packed so tightly are suddenly revealed by the turn of a switch, ready to blow your mind. As it surely did back in the days, causing confusion among record store owners in Italy when kids came in with casettetapes of Baldelli mixes hoping to buy stuff no one could recognize.


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the saucer people sa...

To be honest I am kinda fond of the original (its the high-energy popper sniffin' quaalude-chomping queen in me trying to emerge into the light!) but this takes it into a whole new territory...you are spot on about how the quick instrumental shifts of the original become almost spaced out Lee Perry dub moments.

Never heard of or seen the Red Bull lecture Baldelli did till now, a great find!