måndag 20 september 2010

No.38 x 2010

The Disco Academy has been nominated for best swedish mp3-blog in the Swedish Podradio Awards 2010! Although I guess it should be best international mp3-blog now since we have brittish disco professor Paul Jackamo on board.
Among the nominees are also the Malmö-based music collective Prejka which I am a also part of, so I will be competing with myself to some degree. Which is just all the more fun!
I am not sure if the voting function is available for people outside of Sweden, but please give it a go here below:

Rösta i Svenska podradiopriset 2010

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the saucer people sa...

Well done my friend, it is great to see you getting some recognition for all your hard work and the quality of the posts!

If my English status has any adverse effect on the voting critera I am totally up for becoming a Swedish citizen, just send me the forms ;)

ps> I clicked on the link to vote, hope I am not too late...