torsdag 27 maj 2010

No.21 x 2010

Did some fixing up on an old Killing Joke track I found in the basement of the post-punk movement, caught in flagranti banging on the machines of the emperor.
The angry young man-singing had to go, but the teen frenzy is still there. The rhythm leaves you with a slightly seasick impression, like drinking a whole crate of Jolt Cola while headbanging.
I will be playing this at my friend Mathias excellent club SPASM tonight (which happens to be held in a basement), along with some action-synth-laser-rock out of the 1980s.


3 kommentarer:

the saucer people sa...

Love what you have done with Killing Joke's 1979 'Almost Red' track from the 12 Inch of the same name, always thought this track was ripe for a re-edit and I totally agree with you, the vocals had to go! Jaz Coleman's synth workout weirdly anticipates the Detroit sound and Youth's bassline keeps the whole thing locked down...glad you weaved Kevin Walker's Chromesque/Helios Creed scratchy guitar sound into the edit, those parts still sound so freakin' fresh!
Liking the dubbed out production too...In Flagranti & Emperor Machine would be proud of ya!


Thank you for the kind words!
And I can only bow down in awe at the extensive knowledge you posess of the musicians behind the original.
Your wordsmith skills are sorely needed on the music blog scene, so when are The Saucer People ready to spill the beans and share something on that space of yours?

the saucer people sa...

Hey there you for kind words! I kinda like to do my blog visits on a rotational basis, that way I can spend a whole afternoon or evening depending on work schedules soaking up the atmosphere of a particular blog and offer my ramblings as a small token of thanks for the amazing music and text they provide.

Yours is one of my favourite blogs, everytime I come here I discover something truly extraordinary, I just wish there were more blogs out there like yours!

Yeah, I think I will be ready to activate saucerbay blogspot sometime in August, I have a pile of weird and wonderful tracks, videos, images and PDFs just waiting to get posted and thanks for the encouragement, its most appreciated.

As for my extensive knowledge, I am just an old bas'tard! I think I was 11 or 12 when I bought my first Killing Joke record "back in the day" as the young people no longer say.

Hope you have had some good feedback over the KJ 'Almost Red' re-edit and don't be too modest to send it out to the DJs and labels; it beats 99% of current edits out there, I am sure Mindless Boogie & RVNG INTL would freak over it :)