fredag 23 april 2010

No.16 x 2010 / Alberto Radius Special No.3

The following year of 1980 was a cosmic one for Mr. Radius. After about two years of disco dabbling, it seems he was finally beginning to enjoy himself - throwing in crazy ideas and not sticking to any blueprints. Which is evident on this 7" single and one-off project.
Deemed as the italian aswer to Hauenstein and Zander by the thrustworthy Cosmic Dudes, they did however plead for a remix or re-edit due to the cheese overload of the vocals, which they soon got by the enthusiastic over-achiever Space-Kudu, the alias of Amsterdam wonderchild Rick Claassen.

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the saucer people sa...

Glad to see another blog spreading the Space-Kudu love, his output makes Todd Terje seem like a slacker ;)
This is definitely one of his best edits though it seems really arbitary in the way some of his re-edits are presented at 128 and others at 320, I think he would get far more recognition if he slowed down on the sheer number of edits and presented the best ones in 320.

His Nostromo/John Forde/Monotones/JP Massiera/Ayisha/Soft Machine edits are definitely some of my favourites of the last year or two and one day soon, that boy is going to explode all over the re-edit scene, mark my words, its only a matter of time!