måndag 8 februari 2010

No.4 x 2010

From the funky side of the new romantic scene, this is pure discorock action with a great drum beat and a thick synthesizer bassline. Simple and effective, it could easily work in the set of any DJ regardless of style.
The 12" of Mind Of A Toy surely holds the goldmine of B-sides from the new wave era, with the Dance Mix of Frequency 7 sharing the wax on the same side as this treasure, thus spanning the spectrum of almost all emerging club scenes of the early 1980s with a sound now revered as both proto-techno and electro, and perhaps even moving into new territories of the club sound.
I do recall a certain Kano production, I'm Ready, being hyped as a sort of theme song for a very happening scene that I now don't even remember the name of. Good music prevails all categorization as it seems.


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