onsdag 13 januari 2010

No.2 x 2010

This friday I (Sergio Rizzolo that is) will be warming up for some swizz action from In Flagranti at our local church/club Babel, hosted by Tricks/Tricks/Tricks.
But already tomorrow night they will unleash their vision of cosmic sleaze in Stockholm with the 24:Hrs team.This is the promo video for the latest installment in their Sounds Superb 12" series, which is the teams creative outlet for everything surrounding In Flagranti - such as re-edits and odd tracks from fellow colleagues. We're hoping they will bring a couple of copies on their visit, otherwise it will soon be available for puchase on Juno / Piccadilly.
Here's another quality cut from their bag - a drugged out take on an already wierd Prelude Records classic by Slimline.


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