söndag 10 januari 2010

No.1 x 2010

Top Nice is arguably one of the best clubs in Stockholm (and possibly Europe - since they have expanded their territory to London in the last few years) simply by the fact that the large and loose collective behind the name always seem to have just as much fun, or even more, than the dancefloor crowd.
It doesn't hurt then that these deejays are top nice in their game as well - with people like Carli, Ebotron, Maxxbass, Alonzo & Hampus Time D.J. (just to name a few) often seen behind the decks.
Last summer they held a party at a place called Pluto in Stockholm that I was fortunate enough to attend as an impromptou guest DJ. That night saw the release of their mixtape Svenska Pärlor, one of last years best crate-diving mixes into the history of Swedish new wave & disco, which they finally have decided to share with the good folks of the world wide web.
Keep it coming boys!

1. Viva – Igår, idag, imorgon
2. Tredje Mannen – Ser dig nu
3. Adolphson & Falk – Krafter vi aldrig känner
4. Freestyle – Kom till mig
5. Mikael Rickfors - Dancing on the edge of danger
6. Magnus Uggla – Sommartid
7. Magnus Uggla – Sommartid (12” version)
8. Tv3 – Telefonterror
9. Peter Stridh – La luna
10. Michael Dee – Nu ska vi opp, opp, opp
11. Tredje Mannen – Flanör
12. Ståålfågel – Utan rymddräkt på Uranus
13. Giant Steppers – Uptown downtown
14. Madeleine Uzho – Satisfied
15. Nasa – Take off your clothes
16. Ståålfågel – En dag på varuhuset
17. Peter Stridh – Single Girl
18. Lustans Lakejer – Något måste brista
19. Cirkus – Amazonas
20. Lacrosse – Du befaller
21. Reeperbahn – Förnedringen
22. Lustans Lakejer – Stilla nätter
23. Johanna Lundberg – Heta linjen
24. Cosmic Overdose – Tonight
25. Ratata – Romantic (non mi ami plu)
26. Ratata – Ögon av is


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