torsdag 3 september 2009


A few weeks ago I was visiting a friend and fellow DJ in Stockholm, and while we were having breakfast and listening to the radio, this song came on.
It was during the programme Sommar on the channel P1 that features famous swedes as guest hosts on each occasion. This time it was our beloved macho journalist Jan Guillou behind the microphone, chatting away about his amazing achievements between tunes.
As we were expecting something in the way of Bruce Springsteen, we were quite baffled when the groovy intro of this semi-electronic and superbalearic chanson entered the airways.
The composers are of course a widely famous swedish act that Jan rubbed shoulders with during the golden years of the 1970s. And as such, I won't reveal the original title here since my recent efforts to introduce music (the censuring of my post about Karat) have been quite troublesome.
You can still hear Jan Guillos forrays as a balearic DJ online at the P1 archive


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David Ballester sa...

I'm sorry to break it to you but ABBA's The Day Before You Came is known to millions of people out there. I'm sorry to break the secret, but I just couldn't hold myself back.

Simma lugnt...

Cheers Dave...