torsdag 3 september 2009


Hold your phones! Pass the smokes! Put on your boots! Because there's a new mixtape in the house. This time from my friend Olof, or Seamless as he is known behind the wheels of steel.
The Academy is all about introducing and inspiring new perspectives on disco, but I have to say we have strayed pretty far from the conventional definition of disco.
Good then that there are DJs like Seamless who have a fresh, youthfull (and dare I say not so nerdy) take on the disco sound.
Crate digging jocks might be turned off at the sight of titles such as Play that Funky Music White Boy, the stuff of gas station compilations. But it just takes a pair of ears and feet to appreciate that good music is simply good music.

The Source - Elektrons feat. Pete Simpson
Sing Sing - Gaz
Love Sensation (Rough Mix) (Dim's DJ Friendly Re-Edit) - Loleatta Holloway
Don't Give Up - Elektrons feat. Holly Backler
Seconds (12" version) - The Salsoul Orchestra feat. Loleatta Holloway
Play That Funky Music White Boy - Wild Cherry
Push Push - Brick
Nefertiti - Wisdom
Doin' The Dog (Extended) - Creme D'cocoa
War - Edwin Starr
Moment Of My Life - Inner Life feat. Jocelyn Brown
Super Funky - Amigos Invisibles
Disco Lights - Dexter Wansel
Ladies Night (Extended) - Kool & The Gang


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