onsdag 11 mars 2009


When it comes to disco it seems that us Scandinavians have been spearheading the frontiers into unknown territory for the last few years. I hope Spanish guitars, bongos and sunset beaches are the things that foreign countrys associate us with now, at least that would make up for all the crap music that at least Sweden has been putting out.
Thank the stars then that disco-mogul Rune Lindbaek has decided to strengthen the Scandinavian connections with an upcoming 12" release of re-edits by one of Helsinkis finest producers and dj:s, Schmami.
If you haven't heard it yet, his Eurolax mix is one of the deepest crate-dives of the year. Together with fellow countryman Fummer, they have built the cosmic fortress Low Phantasy, which every month materializes as a club night to drag the local finns out of their saunas to enjoy world-class music. For instance, Schmamis reworking of the campy "nu-gregorian" classic Sadeness by Michael Cretu's Enigma.


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