fredag 13 mars 2009


According to the legend, Jackpot was a project in the early 1980's by Swedish producer Gleen Asp and the Italian sound artist Marco Donnatello, who drifted into oblivion due to drug-related problems and only released two singles of their pioneering mix of new beat, italo disco and sound art. 
The other story is that Jackpot consists of Erik Wikström & Luciano Leiva (formerly of the electro group Puppetmasters and also part of DJ/producer team Meat Boys with Andreas Kleerup)
As always, the Disco Academy prefers the former version, since that is what disco is all about: reinventing music history to suite your own needs. And right now, nobody does this better than Jackpot
The track Coda from 1972 by the polish rockband Czerwone Gitary (which means The Red Guitars) was released on the record Prog Is Not A Four Letter Word in 2005, compiled by Andy Votel. 
This re-edit/remix by Jackpot was posted a while back by Stockholm-based blog and club imperium 24:Hours, and starts off with an excerpt from an interview with Gleen Asp, reminicing about the hard working days of tuning guitars and producing disco while moping over the talentless kids of today with their computers. 

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the saucer people sa...

This is still one of the best things Jackpot have ever done, though somewhere at the back of my mind I get the feeling there must be a longer edit than this a sane world this track should be of 'Autobahn' length (the song not the motorway)...anyone know if this is the case?