måndag 9 mars 2009


The Long Run is one of the greatest albums ever, and of course a classic at the Disco Academy.
You may have picked up on this track, as I did, as featured in an excellent mix by Västkustska Ryggdunkarsällskapet a couple of years ago. Either way, if you're a a disco freak addicted to blogs (which I'm hoping you are) you've surely come across King Of Hollywood, another great track from this album.
I thought I would take a break from my usual disguise as the moustache-clad, poncho-wrapped hitchhiker of the cosmic highways, and serve up some re-edits with all cards on the table.
So, this is basically an extended version of the albums meager 2:46 in length. With an extended intro and outro to squeeze all the Californian sand out of this balearic chugger, bringing the playing time to 4:13.
And for all fellow Malmöites (and passing-by tourists): there are plenty of copies of the original vinyl at the Rundgång records store, filed under Disko of course.

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