torsdag 19 februari 2009


Since it is the international language of disco blogs, english will be the language of communication from now on here at the Disco Academy. 
Since it opened last week, the Academys retail section located in the record store Rundgång here in Malmö have been stocked with the cream of bearded disco. 
If you hunger for a complete listing of what's on sale, you'll have to swing by there yourself. But from now on, I will be posting some of the stuff that has wound up with the Disco Academy sticker on its sleeve. 

Today, the ship steers towards the land of winter and vodka: Russia! In the haydays of the USSR, the young starlet Alla Pugacheva made her career break in TV and radio cirka 1967(there is supposedly a song called "Robot" made for a morning news TV show! Haven't heard it though.) And then turned out to be the biggest pop star of Russia during the 70s and 80s, competing in the Eurovision Song Contest and hanging out with Abba. 

But right before that, when the disco bandwagon had just entered Russia, it didn't sound quite as polished. What struck me, after picking up two copies of the strangely translated album How Disturbing Is This Way, is that the music seems to have been recorded through equipment soaked in vodka. The bass is like a fussy bottomless smudge dragging everything down with it. I cleaned up the track below with a lot of mix adjustments before posting it. 
I hope you will enjoy it, it seems like Alla and her band got their hands on a Nina Hagen record (one of her reggae-inspired records to be precise), which would make this a third-hand rendition of what Jamaica has to offer, as this is undoubtedly the whitest reggae you will ever hear. But still, very very funky. 


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