torsdag 29 november 2012

No.14 x 2012

The man from Pampas, Mr. Ric Piccolo, is following up on Diavol after the higly acclaimed  Diavol Edits-series (which I myself provided the third volume to) with a special digital EP of reworks/edits-and-then-some  of the yet quite unknown Argentinian producer Andres Massetti. The tracks that have been reworked all source back to the library productions under the name Music Hall Pop Orchestra, "directed" by Mr. Massetti. Specificly the Como Antes LP of 1977, which seems impossible to find (although the sleeve art seems to scream out bargain-bin find). The music is all about erotic flamingos flapping their wings in the sunset to a easy listening disco-fusion-house beat.

Ric Piccolo has been exploring his native crates before on the PampasDiscoShock mixtape series, and will soon be featured on the third volume of Heavy Rotation together with Frisbee Records regulars Albion & spAceLex.

The Diavol release is as usual digital & free (it's a brave new world) and comes with a kick-ass video and artwork by Enrico Nagel. Get it here:

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