söndag 29 juli 2012

No.12 x 2012

I'm usually not a fan of airports, it all feels like a never-ending episode of typical Seinfeld-complications  like accidentaly waiting in the wrong line or having someone take your luggage from the bag line by mistake because you have similar breifcases. And I rarely have time to get in that continental groove of feeling like a globetrotter because I'm always looking at my wristband clock worrying about departure times, transfers and the looming threat of delays. But it's nice to switch that impression off sometimes in favor of a more carefree and glamorous one, like that of Marc Harris for instance. He doesn't give a flying fuck about the boring reality of commercial flight transportation. Through his sunglasses everything has a shimmer of adventure and style; the airport is a symbolic structure of freedom and movement with its high ceilings and glass walls - not an oversized waiting room with expensive distractions. And when the airplane takes off into the air, Marc takes off into the air. He alone is soaring through the clouds with his perfect hair.


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