fredag 29 juni 2012

No. 10 x 2012

There's been a few changes around here, I've made a brand new logo for the blog for instance. And I've recently been invited to join the team at HNGR (an abbreviation of hangar, the place where they keep airplanes and raves in). I will host a swedish offspring of the Diskoakademin blog there, with a bit of different content for the swedish audience but also some cross-pollination will definitly occur.
HNGR is a brand new web magazine for club culture in Sweden, with some heavy people involved. Besides myself on blogging duties there's Tooli & Mad Mats of Local Talk Records, Sanna La Fleur, Adeline & Apollo De Azizi. A lot of focus on house in other words, so thank god they have me on board to add the disco cheese. So head on over and get your vocabulary fix! Link here

Also, I'm premiering my new open air club BLEACH tonight in Malmö at Moriska Paviljongen. Starts at 19:00. FB-event here.

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