söndag 12 februari 2012

No.5 x 2012

I did a guest mix recently for one of my favourite blogs, FRWCTRL. The idea of the mix is based on the arty and surrealistic low budget porn movie
Night Dreams from 1981, one of two (the other being Café Flesh from 1982) porn movies written by Jerry Stahl under the pseudonym Herbert W. Day. Most people know Jerry Stahl for his biography-turned-to-film Permanent Midnight of 1998, where Ben Stiller stars as a sweaty and leather-clad Stahl in a very un-romantic portrayal of his own heroin addiction during his years in L.A. as a writer for the TV-series ALF and Moonlighting. Both Night Dreams and Café Flesh are dark and twisted visual experiences with the same aesthetics of the post-punk era as Liquid Sky, and the music in these films are great. The trailer for Night Dreams (which is also the intro & outro for my mix) uses a sample from electronic pioneer Morton Subotnicks Wild Boar from 1968.

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