lördag 4 februari 2012

No.3 x 2012

Ah yes, Finland! Too few of our entries here tagged "Scandinavian" can be contributed to our distant neighbour Finland, the black sheep of the family when it come to scandinavian countries - since they have a language that doesn't even remotely bear resemblance to any of the other three. They're only connected to Sweden by landmass way up north in the Same territory, and seems to have adopted the ideal of the strong silent type from the top down (warning, massive stereotype alert). So what a nice surprise to see them pop in their head through the doors of the disco renaissance just to let us know that they're really not into that kind of stuff. Rod Stewart-impersonator and schlager star Ricki Sorsa sure can't stand dancing anyway, and takes a bold stance against the party drugs of the club scene, especially "the coke thats in your nose", as he puts it. And then to match these lyrics with a pumping disco beat and an infectious chorus complete with echo-layered handclaps only further proves that the finns have a dark sense of humor.

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