tisdag 15 november 2011

No.21 x 2011

Another killer cut from our guy in Dublin, mister Niall Kirk. So what's on the plate? Lots of space for those drums to pierce through - and they certainly do - and a healthy dose of shenanigans over at the synthesizer to take the edge off the otherwise overwhelming coolness.
Not sure if this is a rework of a John Travolta track as the title would suggest (how about it Niall?), but anyway you get a picture of his crotch cirka 1978 just for good measure.

Update! The Amen Brother Disco Band will see it's first vinyl release soon, featuring this hot track, therefore we're switching the download link to a Souncloud-preview, yank! Great news Niall and god bless your groovy fingers!

Amen Brother Disco Band - Travolta by niallkirk

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Fun! Would love more info...