onsdag 12 oktober 2011

No.19 x 2011

This saturday here in Malmö we're throwing a big party with some special guests from the United Kingdom (of Disco?), Mr Frankie Francis and Mr Miles Cleret to be exact. Two gentlemen who has certainly put a new spin to to that tired old "world music"-scene as well as ushering in a new era of vinyl re-issueing by uncovering numerous treasures of afro-related music.
The hidden agenda behind the party is to help finance the first release in a series of 12" singles under the name of Fasaan Disco Specials. The local label Fasaan Recordings has previously released two 7" records of newly produced original material in genres which can easily be described as afrobeat and rocksteady. The new 12" series will be based mainly around a classic disco sound with railings towards everything else on the table from boogie to dub. The first release will feature one side of remixed versions by yours truly, taking the original cuts into the dubby tribal territory of Walter Gibbons and Arthur Russell. Needless to say, I'm very excited about this project. I will keep you updated on the 12"-release, in the meantime check out their Soundcloud-page.

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