fredag 24 september 2010

No.40 x 2010

It's been a long while since I posted something from my friends of Vidderna over here, mainly because we all blog over at Prejka together now.
They cetrainly have been keeping busy; with a recent tour of São Paulo, releasing a very limited split 12" with Ljudbilden & Piloten on Neosordo Records, as well as doing an upcoming tour of China. And yet they are always moving forwards on the lookout for new sounds, records and instruments. Often intertwined into the hybrid projects they call Vidderna Versions, which has of yet spanned everything from turkish prog rock, swedish new wave & Bryan Ferry.
Far from your ordinary edits, these are elaborate remixes with live instrumentation and studio tricks far from the reaches of my comprehension, but still very subtle and a with a carefull enchancing of the original. This tribal excursion by old aussie goths Dead Can Dance from 1996 was picked out of oblivion recently and sent into deep meditation.

Dead Can Dance - Song of the Stars (edit) by Vidderna Versioner

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