tisdag 22 juni 2010

No.23 x 2010

How wierd this world can be, that a Checkoslovakian guy picks up a foreign record with an 80's mainstream look and hits a jackpot of sleezy synth boogie, while here in Sweden most of us would shrug at the notion of yet another Carola record while flipping through a bargain crate. The fact that this crazy-eyed christian is one of our biggest celebrities and the queen of schlager here also makes her name and recording efforts invisible to the eyes of anyone who doesn't buy into the wholesome swedish lifestyle.
A nice surprise it is then, that my computer machine told me about this amazing blog and this dudes re-edit of Carolas 1983 single Hunger. Thank you (and God bless you) Oozlum for re-introducing us to the cheesy yet cool sound of Carola.


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Oozlum sa...

Was it just because of a sparkle of crazy-eyed christian Carola (what a cheap but still admirable self-esteem) that made me stop and listen? I guess so. From the very first moment i heard her voice introducing latest singel and blasting into the 'sleazy synth boogie' with god bless you. Argh, i'm the fan! Thank you for re-posting!

Extended promo version is killing it!

the saucer people sa...

Good to see you spreading the Oozlum love! His take on the intersection between prog,disco,cheesy pop,synth-boogie & hard 4 to the floor rawk is a joy to behold.

Afraid the charms of Carola have not yet hit the shores of England, should I check out her original compositions, I imagine not.

You checked out Oozlum's new offering "GAG - P.T. Dance (Oozlum 'dance like penguin tiger' edit)? Its freakin' wonderful! A cross between Belgianesque new beat, a dash of prog and some strange Eastern European psych-folk (well in my world thats what it sounds like!)....this guy is definitely one to watch (as are Space-Kudu & Alien Delon)....

Oozlum sa...

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/// Stay Hungry! \\\