söndag 7 mars 2010

No.10 x 2010

I found this crazy Russian record from 1983 at an outdoor yardsale last summer. As with most east-european records, the english subtitles sound riddiculuosly awkward when out of context. Which is much the same these days with the cut and paste language of Babelfish.
Anyway, there are some spaced out disco vibes on two of the tracks, and I decided to do an edit of one of these. Anastasia starts off with some cowbell action straight out of some farm, and the bouncy guitar'n'strings groove is coupled with schmaltzy but charming vocals. There are however some excellent breaks thrown in here and there that make this a killer on the dancefloor. Насладитесь!


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Anonym sa...

Hi Sergio!
Thank you (and mr. Jackamo of course) for good post about my modest person. Also I liked your blog and will try to read it routinely.
A few words about this re-edit. Its really nice one, but the vocal parts don't adorn it, mainly because of poor vocal talent of mr. Antonov (Thats just IMHO of course). Actually the song's name is "Golden Stairway" (Zolotaya Lestnitsa).
This album has been very popular in SU, I guess every 2nd family had it in phonothek. It was a peak of Antonov's career.
Good luck and keep on diging!