lördag 12 september 2009


Since today is my birthday I thought it would be nice to have my own orchestra compose a theme song of all my favourite things:
heavy basslines & classic disco guitars, some whacked out strings, a heavy rock section,
the latino-style percussion break (with a deep toned male voice saying random words of approval)and some sprinkles of synthesizer magic to top it off.
All way below the 100bpm mark and dragged out for about 6 minutes, and there you have it.


The polaroid of me was taken by Kristoffer Matti, RevK of Stephen Hawkings, for the new project Prejka, a combined blog for all the local creators in the field of cosmic & psychadelic music, including Vidderna, Lugnet, Kristallen, Psychic Malmö and myself.

4 kommentarer:

julian sa...

oh...happy belated birthday then!!!


the saucer people sa...

Yes! This is how it should be done, take the best and disgard the rest, strip it to its bare cosmic bones, fire up the discoid mothership, we are on a spaceride to a star system we call home!

the saucer people sa...

Rizzolo Disko Orchestra - My Own Cosmic Way

The more I listen to this track the more I love it..the only thing I am confused about is the date on the MP3 properties which says '1984'?!?
Is this a re-edit of a track made in 1984 and if so who by? Or is it made from scratch as I read in the comments post? I am all confused so please put me out of my misery!


thanks Julian!

Paul, if you gotta know, the original track is Duran Durans My Own Way, which is from 1981 (must have spaced out on that).
I did an edit of it and decided to take an ego trip while I was at it.

Go pick up the 12" so you can play it slow cause it's no good otherwise. I'm pretty sure nobody can play that fast - they must have fucked it up in the studio, it's just hilarious.