torsdag 11 juni 2009


The African percussion instrument Kalimba is the theme of the day here. It seems somehow appropriate within the recent vein of balearica that this blog has steered towards to focuse on the most balearic of instruments. 
But aside from the obvious anthem by Toni Esposito (Kalimba De Luna), I dug up some other classic/unclassic cuts for your sunbathing pleasure. 
Dig the robotic bass echoes over Earth, Wind & Fires smooth afro epic Kalimba Tree, not surprisingly picked by Norwegian afroholic Todd Terje for his latest re-editing. 

Next is a cut by a producer legendary in house circuits but in general fairly overlooked for his eclectic style and ventures into analogue and live instrumentation, 
What's surprising is that he's not a household name by now, since Frankie Valentine has been around since the early 80s and sounds better and better for every year. I was first blown away by his 12" Moog Rock from 2001, which back then served as a preview of the recent direction of heavy disco that dance music has since taken. 
But here he chills out with the Kalimba on this version of his single Zumbi from 2006. 

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